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Vision Therapies Offered At Vision Professionals

Whether you’re a kid who can’t focus in class, or an adult who has suffered a concussion, visual dysfunction can make daily living a struggle.

At Vision Therapy at Vision Professionals, we offer a wide range of vision therapy and rehabilitation services to heal your visual system so you can live life to the fullest. Call today to learn how we can help, and schedule your functional visual evaluation.

About Us

Vision Therapy for Kids and Teens

Does your child struggle with reading, writing, or focusing in school? Do you find that they frequently complain of headaches or eye strain after doing homework or reading for extended periods of time?

These could all be signs of vision problems that can be addressed with vision therapy. Vision therapy involves a personalized treatment plan that includes eye exercises and other activities to help strengthen the eye-brain connection and improve visual processing.

In addition to the common symptoms of visual deficits in kids and teens, such as blurred vision, eye strain, and headaches, there are other signs that may indicate a problem with vision. These can include:

  • Head tilting
  • Squinting
  • Covering one eye
  • Rubbing eyes excessively
  • Complaining of double vision

Children may also exhibit:

  • Poor reading comprehension or reading below grade level
  • Difficulty following moving objects
  • Skipping lines when reading

By addressing the root cause of these symptoms, your child can improve their academic performance and reduce their eye strain. In fact, many children who’ve successfully completed a vision therapy program go from being non-readers to bookworms! Moreover, many parents report a significant improvement in their child’s behavior after vision therapy.

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Vision Therapy for kids

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Therapy

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI), it’s important to be aware of the potential impact on vision. A range of neurological disorders can interfere with healthy vision, which can result in symptoms such as double vision, blurred vision, visual field loss, dizziness, sensitivity to light, agoraphobia, and anxiety. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy can help treat these symptoms by retraining the brain to process visual information more effectively.

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy is a specialized form of vision therapy that involves a range of exercises and techniques designed to improve visual function, including eye movements, visual processing, and sensory integration after sustaining a neurological insult or injury.

The therapy is tailored to each individual’s needs, taking into account their specific symptoms and goals. By improving visual function, neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy can help alleviate a range of symptoms associated with post-concussion vision syndrome and other neurological disorders. It can also improve balance, coordination, and overall quality of life.

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Vision Professionals - Who We Are

At Vision Professionals, you can look to us for all your eye care needs!

We offer eye services such as eye exams, scleral lens fittings, and vision therapy. We also diagnose and treat dry eye, allergies, glaucoma, and pink eye. Our specialty services include vision therapy, myopia management, neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy, sports vision training, scleral lens fittings, dry eye treatment, and ortho-k fittings for adults.

Our office serves North Columbus and its suburbs, including Worthington, New Albany, and Sunbury. Our Dedication to education, modern technology, impeccable clinical skills, and sincerity is our promise to you!

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Sports Vision Training for Athletes

Are you an athlete looking to improve your performance on the field or court? Sports vision training can give you the competitive edge you need by taking your visual skills from great to elite. .

Sports vision training improves visual skills essential for sports, such as depth perception, peripheral awareness, and hand-eye coordination. By working with a neuro-developmental optometrist, you can develop and refine the visual skills necessary to excel in your sport and gain a competitive edge.

Music Vision Therapy

If you’re a musician, you know how important it is to read sheet music accurately and quickly. Music vision therapy can help improve your ability to read sheet music and process visual information related to music. By addressing any visual deficits or processing delays, you can improve your ability to read music and perform more accurately and confidently.

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Schedule A Vision Therapy Consultation Today

Vision therapy can help improve your quality of life regardless of your age or situation if you have an underlying visual deficit, no matter how slight.

If you or a loved one has been experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, reach out and find out about our services. Everything is customized and tailored to you based on your functional visual evaluation.

Call Vision Therapy at Vision Professionals to schedule a consultation today.

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