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We're Transparent. We promote honesty, trust, & integrity.

We're Patient-Centric. We look for what's best for you & meeting your needs.

We're Outside the Box. We're problem solvers & willing to try new things to ensure you feel satisfied with your treatment.

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Meet The Eye Doctors At Vision Professionals

We Provide Innovative Patient-Centric Eye Care with Integrity and Compassion


Poonam Panda OD


Cassandra Sheriff OD

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Katherine Merry OD

Kyle Martin

Kyle Martin OD

Kimberly L. Rock MS, OD, FAAO

Kimberly L. Rock MS, OD, FAAO

abigail GSP UID 94ad9c74 0773 4aa4 be79 847cec82a813

Abigail G. Menner OD, FAAO

Joseph Leisring OD

Joseph Leisring OD

brian GSP UID 94ad9cf5 4d27 465a bea2 61ad7a1b4a75

Brian A. Dittenber OD

dr smiley

Chris A. Smiley OD

David A. Niederkohr OD, Emeritus

David A. Niederkohr OD, Emeritus

Lawrence A. Gill OD, Emeritus

Lawrence A. Gill OD, Emeritus

Valerie Danford, OD

Valerie Danford, OD, MBA

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Vision Professionals in Ohio

Vision Professionals provides innovative eye care services to patients from in and around Columbus, New Albany, Sunbury, Delaware, and Grove City. We offer comprehensive eye health assessments, ocular disease diagnosis and treatment, contact lens evaluation and fitting, and prescriptions.

The team at Vision Professionals aims to provide the best possible solution for the patient's eye health and vision needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based treatments, we can ensure that each patient maintains optimal eye health.

We welcome new patients and accept most major forms of insurance.


Thursday, June 1, 2023:
Our office will be closed on from 8:30am-1:15pm for team training.

We will be open 1:30pm-5:30pm for appointments and patient care