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Color Blindness? Enchroma May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Do you or someone you love suffer from color blindness? Many people have long-believed that color blindness was a life-long sentence and they were one of the unlucky ones that were not born able to distinguish between certain colors. The most common affected colors for people with color blindness (or more accurately, color deficiency) are red-green and some people are unable to see blue and yellow tints. While the red-green color deficiency generally affects men more than women, the blue-yellow deficiency affects men and women equally.

What Causes Color Blindness?

Color blindness is an inherited condition passed by the X chromosome making it significantly more common for males than females (as many as 8 percent of all males are affected by some degree of color deficiency while only .5 percent of females are affected by color blindness). Inherited color blindness is caused by abnormal photopigments. Other possible causes of color blindness include Parkinson’s Disease, complications from Cataracts, side effects of Epilepsy drugs or Kallman’s Syndrome.

Special Lenses

Fortunately, there is help for people with color blindness. Some people, note, not all, but about 80% of people suffering from color blindness have found relief and have experienced a full range of color. Vision Professionals is an authorized Enchroma retailer. While Enchroma glasses are not a ‘cure’ for color blindness, they have been shown to enhance color vision for people with color blindness. For a full description of how Enchroma glasses work, click here. Dr. Smiley and the rest of the Vision Professional staff are happy to discuss how Enchroma glasses can change the way you see!