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Vision Therapy For Musicians

Dynamic Visual Skills for Musicians

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♪ Eye Tracking/Saccades/Pursuits
♪ Dual Processing
♪ Working Memory
♪ Short Term Memory
♪ Visual Efficiency
♪ Mental Speed
♪ Peripheral Attention
♪ Perception Span
♪ Vergence
♪ Accommodation
♪ Contrast Sensitivity
♪ Depth Perception


Improve Performance

Optometrists with expertise in vision training can work to train musicians of all ages and skill levels to help improve visual function, leading to improved performance. Musicians who use their visual system to its maximum potential will gain optimal performance and a competitive edge.

How does this relate to music?

♪ Minimizing skipping errors while reading music
♪ Make appropriate vertical and/or horizontal eye movements when reading different types of music (contrapuntal vs. chordal)
♪ Scanning multiple rows of music
♪ Quickly shifting focus from sheet music to the instrument and to the conductor
♪ Having good eye-hand span (being able to read ahead while playing previous notes
♪ And more!

Schedule a sensorimotor examination with Dr. Kimberly Rock to identify your visual strengths and weaknesses related to your instrument and create your specialized vision therapy program.