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Scleral Lenses 101: Understanding the Basics

What Are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral LensesScleral lenses are a type of contact lens that can provide significant benefits for people with keratoconus. Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease that affects the shape of the cornea, causing it to become thin and bulge outward in a cone shape. This distortion can lead to visual problems such as blurred vision, double vision, and sensitivity to light. Scleral lenses offer a non-surgical solution that can help correct vision and improve the overall quality of life for those living with this condition.

So what are scleral lenses, exactly? Unlike traditional contact lenses that sit on the cornea, scleral lenses are larger and designed to rest on the white part of the eye, known as the sclera. This design provides a number of benefits for people with keratoconus. First, the larger size of scleral lenses provides a more stable fit, reducing the risk of dislodgement or movement during activities such as exercise or sports. Additionally, the space between the lens and the cornea creates a fluid-filled chamber that helps to smooth out the irregular shape of the cornea, resulting in clearer vision.

Another key benefit of scleral lenses is that they can improve comfort for people with keratoconus. Because the cornea is highly sensitive, traditional contact lenses can be uncomfortable for those with this condition. Scleral lenses, on the other hand, are designed to be more comfortable by distributing pressure evenly across the eye and minimizing irritation. They are also made of a highly oxygen-permeable material that allows for better eye health and reduces the risk of complications such as infection or corneal damage.

For people with keratoconus, scleral lenses can make a significant difference in their quality of life. By providing clearer vision and improved comfort, these lenses can allow people to engage in activities that may have previously been difficult or impossible. For example, someone who previously had trouble driving at night or reading small print may find that scleral lenses make these activities much easier. Additionally, scleral lenses can improve the overall appearance of the eye by creating a more natural and uniform appearance, which can be a significant benefit for people who feel self-conscious about their condition.

Scleral Lenses in Worthington Hills

If you have keratoconus, scleral lenses may be an option worth considering. They offer a number of benefits over traditional contact lenses and can help to improve your vision, comfort, and quality of life. To learn more about scleral lenses and whether they may be right for you, speak with your Specialty Lens and Keratoconus Center at Vision Professionals eye doctor. They can help you determine if scleral lenses are a good fit for your needs and provide guidance on how to properly care for and maintain your lenses.

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