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Vision Issues in Brain Injury

Vision is a learned process, what happens when that is disrupted?

Traumatic Brain Injury

Can range from mild to severe. Blow or bump or any type of disruption from normal function. According to the American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine’s Special Interest Group, the definition states: any period of loss of consciousness, any loss of memory of events, before and after injury, any alteration in mental state (confused, disoriented)

Many Traumatic Brain Injury patients have visual processing problems and is noted that the visual pathways to the brain are easily disrupted by trauma. Thus, this can lead to confusion or agitation.

Notable sign and symptoms for change in vision

Fuzzy, blurry, or double vision. Decreased balance and changes in depth perception, headaches, dizziness and sensitivity to light.

About 30% of athletes that have had concussions, noted having vision problems.

More significant issues may be loss of peripheral vision, reduced vision processing skills, loses place when reading, reading/ comprehension issues. Increase in confusion or agitation in visually stimulating environments

Please see a Developmental Optometrist if you or a loved one is struggling with these symptoms