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Vision Therapy for Sports

Woman playing baseballSports is more than just a game. It’s about teamwork and unity, setting goals, hard work, and of course, winning. If you’re an athlete (or the parent of one), you know how serious sports and athletics can be.

Serious athletes need superior vision. The ability to gauge distance, have good hand-eye coordination, concentrate, and stay focused are all must-have skills for every athlete. When these visual skills are impaired, it can wreak havoc on their love of sports and social lives.

That’s where vision therapy helps. At Vision Therapy at Vision Professionals, we provide personalized vision therapy programs for our sports-loving patients.

What Does Sports Vision Therapy Treat?

Sports vision therapy strengthens your visual skills for athletics. It doesn’t correct vision problems; it boosts your visual abilities by retraining your eyes. In fact, vision therapy is often nicknamed “physical therapy for the eyes”.

Dr. Kimberly Rock creates a customized program that can help with:

  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Eye teaming
  • Focus
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual perception
  • Visual tracking

So if you have trouble distinguishing brightness of colors, if your eyes don’t work together well, if it’s difficult for you to stay focused, or if your eyes have a hard time seeing moving objects, we can help.

How Can Sports Vision Therapy Improve My Game?

How many times have you heard the phrase “keep your eye on the ball”? Coaches, players, and parents say it (and shout it) from the stands. It’s more than just a saying, it’s a necessary skill on the field. An athlete who has trouble with visual tracking will have a hard time keeping their eye on the ball as it sails through the air because their eyes just can’t track quick movements very well.

Sports vision therapy to the rescue! Using a combination of exercises and special therapeutic lenses, Dr. Kimberly Rock can teach your eyes how to track movements correctly. Better visual tracking skills means better performance on the field and in the game.

Personalized With YOU in Mind

When it comes to vision therapy for sports, there is no “one size fits all” solution. Each patient is different, and so is their vision, their athletic abilities, and the type of game they’re in. Baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading, hockey – they all have very different skill sets and require unique kinds of treatment.

Dr. Kimberly Rock creates a customized vision therapy program with YOU in mind. Whatever sport you’re into and whatever kind of training you need to play and compete, we’ve got you covered.

Vision therapy can help you do what you do best: play the game you love!

If you or your child is struggling in sports, contact Vision Therapy at Vision Professionals. Schedule a consultation with our eye doctor and we’ll help you get back to being the kind of athlete you want to be.